Glass containers

Standard or customized bottles and jars

We offer you more than 2,000 different bottles and jars. Individual, versatile and of high quality. But that's not all. We offer you additional services and can take care of the finishing, packaging and assembly of your glass bottles with swing stoppers. Wiegand-Glas provides everything from one hand.
Gläser, Flaschen, Glasbehälter von Wiegand-Glas
Gläser, Flaschen, Glasbehälter von Wiegand-Glas
Product expertise

Glass containers

We offer individual and innovative packaging of your product in glass. Take a look at our product catalogue and discover a variety of wine bottles, beer bottles, spirits bottles and other glass packaging.

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What we offer

Everything from one hand

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

Recycling waste glass

98 per cent. This is the maximum percentage of recycled glass that we use for glass production. The most important advantage of glass: it can be recycled and reused infinitely, without reductions in quality.

Moderne Technologien bei Wiegand-Glas

Producing glass

Glass is sustainable and incredibly versatile. If you are looking for a high-quality packaging for your product, you will find it in glass containers. Learn more about the advantages of glass.

Service bei Wiegand-Glas
Service expertise

Enhancing packaging

We see ourselves as a solution provider. Therefore, we also provide you with other services around glass packaging. Discover the possibilities for your product.

Referenz Wiegand-Glas
Gläser, Flaschen, Glasbehälter von Wiegand-Glas
Product expertise

Glass references

Together with our customers we have already been able to develop and implement many individual solutions. Take a look here.

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