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Glass recycling

Glass is 100 per cent recyclable – and can be infinitely recycled. Glass is produced almost entirely from natural raw materials. Most of our raw materials come from Germany and our glass packaging concepts are also made in Germany. Waste glass is an important factor. It is an indispensable raw material for the production of glass bottles and glass containers. The recycling of waste glass is a priority at Wiegand-Glas, because this is how we manage to reduce the use of primary raw materials, waste and CO₂ emissions.


The glass recycling process

Glass recycling is an extensive process. But few people know how many steps are involved. This is just one more reason for us to show you the individual steps of the process from the delivery of waste glass to the pre-sorting and main sorting of the cullet. After all, glass recycling is indispensable to our business and also an important contribution to the conservation of resources. 

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

The raw cullet is delivered unprocessed and sorted by colour.

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

After the incoming glass inspection, the raw cullet is placed on the pre-sorting line by colour (flint, green and amber).

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

Coarse foreign substances such as plastic, cardboard, paper, wood, electronic waste, ceramics, porcelain or stones are first removed by hand. Whole bottles are crushed to pieces by a crusher.

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

Opposite the bar screening machines, breezers are installed on which light materials, such as film scraps, are sucked in and separated.

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

Overband magnets and magnetic drums are used to remove ferrous metals such as tin lids or cans.

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

Non-ferrous metals (aluminium, bottle caps, aluminium banderoles, etc.) are removed by the eddy current separator. Following these steps, the pre-sorted glass enters the fully automated pre-sorted glass store, from where the main sorting system is automatically fed with pre-sorted glass.

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

The pre-sorted glass is dried by fluidised bed dryers to prepare it for the main sorting process. Drying also causes the old labels to become brittle and peel off more easily. The cullet is screened into several size ranges. Residual light materials such as plastics, paper or wood are subsequently removed by suction channels and zigzag classifiers.

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

Optical sorting machines detect materials in several stages that would not melt in the glass furnaces. These include CSP (ceramic, stone and porcelain) as well as special and heat-resistant jars. Afterwards the cullet is sorted by colour.

Glas-Recycling bei Wiegand-Glas

The end product of this process chain is the final cullet – the basis for the new glass product. We store this cullet in the fully automated final cullet warehouse until it is further processed.

Facts about glass and recycling

Are different glass colours processed separately?

As a matter of fact, empty bottles and jars should actually be disposed of and sorted by colour. The contents of the waste glass containers for flint, green and amber glass are also transported separately. But what do you do if a bottle doesn't match this colour scheme? Special colours such as blue glass goes in the green glass container. This is because green glass is least affected by other colours.

Proper recycling: What is considered waste glass and what isn't?

Proper recycling is important to save energy and resources. It is logical that the cleaner the glass to be recycled is separated, the less energy is required. And the better it can be reused for glass container production. Glass recycling therefore makes a significant contribution to environmental protection.

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