April 2019

Optimisation of packaging specification in partnership with Brasserie Champigneulles

Brasserie Champigneulles

Brasserie Champigneulles is a major customer in the beer segment for 0.25 l beer bottles. Due to the relatively long transport distance and the scarce and expensive cargo space, we were continuously looking for ways to optimise for the best possible utilisation. Alternative packagings, such as the aluminium can, serve as a model here. The aim was clear: maximum increase of the packaging specification.

The height of the glass pallet was almost brought up to the height of the can pallet

The pallet height was successfully increased by three layers from 2.40 metres to up to 2.80 metres, which, taking into account the permissible total weight of the trucks, almost completely utilises the available freight space. Taking one of our products as example, this measure resulted in a good 20,000 bottles more being transported per truck. Since then, we have saved a double-digit number of truck journeys per year. The project failed in the past because these high pallets could not be unpacked automatically at the customer's site. In order to fulfill our partnership approach and achieve our ecological and economic goals, we supported our customer in investing in upgrades to their depalletising system at the Champigneulles site. Thanks to this, Brasserie Champigneulles has been successfully exploiting its higher depalletising potential since April 2019.