Industrie Intouch 2019

Wiegand-Glas bei der Industrie Intouch

Industrial companies in (South) Thuringia opened their doors and hosted an exciting programme with an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Under the motto INDUSTRIE INTOUCH, Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH also opened its doors for the 6th time in a row on 29.10.2019 for interested citizens as well as job and apprenticeship seekers.

Touch, be there and experience

School leavers and university graduates, applicants for an apprenticeship or internship, job seekers, commuters as well as skilled workers and generally interested people were all very welcome.

Our departmental managers and the trainers for the various apprenticeship professions informed the visitors on site about the work and training opportunities in the glass plant. In a guided tour through the production facility, the participants could take a closer look at the individual production and service areas.

Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH also took advantage of this day this year, to give the public the opportunity to see the newly reconstructed furnace 3 with its new and expanded production facilities, which had been reconstructed over a number of exhausting weeks, sometimes with unavoidable stress for local residents.

We welcomed the District Administrator of Sonneberg, Mr. Hans-Peter Schmitz, the General Manager of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Dr. Ralf Pieterwas, the Mayor of the city of Lauscha, Mr. Norbert Zitzmann and further representatives of schools and the training association as guests.

We are very pleased to be able to attract new apprentices and employees to the Wiegand-Glas business group through events of this kind, participation in trade fairs and visits to schools.