Tag der Berufe - daf of the professions

Tag der Berufe bei Wiegand-Glas

The action day is organised once a year by many employment agencies in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. It last took place on 4 March 2020. 

All students from age 13 and up can participate. What makes the "Tag der Berufe" special is that the consultation doesn't take place at a desk, but at the company of your choice. Hundreds of companies open their factory and office doors for this, provide insights into the company, present the requirements and practical aspects of the apprenticeship and answer your questions about apprenticing. You can take a look behind the scenes, visit the workplaces and discover your talents. Bosses, personnel consultants and trainers will be on hand in each participating company to give you tips and answer your questions. 

Getting close to your dream job once a year

Wiegand-Glas also opened its doors at the plant in Schleusingen and the tickets for a spot, limited to ten participants, were quickly allocated. Unfortunately, this event was also influenced by the coronavirus pandemic which started at the same time and consequently we could only welcome five registered students with their parents.

With a short introduction about Wiegand-Glas and the apprenticeship trades that we offer, personnel officer Nico Göhring introduced the students to the company and the general conditions of an apprenticeship and pointed out the advantages of an apprenticeship at Wiegand-Glas.

Afterwards, our guests were able to take a tour to get an impression of the production of glass containers and the associated working conditions. After all open questions had been answered, the impressed tour participants were bid farewell again.

We are happy to receive positive feedback

The feedback of the participants and the Employment Agency was very positive this year as well and we are pleased to be able to offer one participant a voluntary internship in our electrical workshop.