Megatrend: neo-ecology

Wiegand-Glas Eco2Bottle

Sustainability and climate protection in packaging

Energy revolution, EU plastics regulation, Fridays for Future and Greenwashing are just a few of the buzzwords that have had a significant influence on society for a long time. In times of the coronavirus pandemic, the current focus has certainly shifted, but the basic trend remains clearly visible.

The trend is changing individual purchasing decisions, social values and also corporate strategies. Politics and society will partly realign themselves with this trend.

Consumer behaviour is changing

Organic markets and products have changed people's consumer behaviour and continue to do so. The example of the growing number of unpackaged shops shows the high sensitivity of consumers towards packaging.

Thanks to political and social developments, companies are under pressure to re-integrate the topic of ecology and climate protection into their corporate strategy. This is usually about the trio:

1. Avoid
The aim is to avoid CO₂ emissions as much as possible. For example, by avoiding unnecessary plant relocations or business trips. Or real "green" electricity is used.

2. Reduce
CO₂ emissions are to be reduced by technical innovations and improved processes.

3. Offset
By participating in climate protection projects for global CO₂ binding, unavoidable emissions can be offset.

Throughout the whole climate debate, it must not be forgotten that a complete renunciation of emissions in the short and medium term can only be achieved by shutting down production facilities in many branches of industry. This would not lead to an improvement of the situation. In view of the current situation, it can be said with a bite of sarcasm that many companies in the wake of the coronavirus crisis have already achieved their climate targets for 2050 by 2020, the question is: at what price?

This is why we must always strive to deal with the issue honestly but prudently, both in our own actions as well as in political decisions and in the context of business.

Sustainability as an important part of our business policy

Within the Wiegand-Glas company group, the subject of sustainability has always been of special importance. Technological innovations, such as the use of preheaters for goods or the latest waste gas treatment technology, are successively improving environmental performance. The material footprint of our products is gradually being improved by our commitment to our in-house waste glass processing capacity. As a result, more than 700,000 tonnes of primary raw materials are saved annually – an important sign of sustainability. By the consistent, on-going development of our products in terms of shape and weight, its individual carbon footprint is also becoming increasingly smaller. Since 2013, more than 20,000 tonnes of CO₂ have been saved.


Nevertheless, it will be important for Wiegand-Glas to place even greater focus on its own contribution to ecology and climate protection in the future. To this end, a product line is to be launched under the label "ECO2Bottle" that combines the best possible sustainable and climate-friendly properties.