Experience strong companies! INDUSTRIE INTOUCH 2020

On 14 October 2020 the probably most extraordinary edition of "INDUSTRIE INTOUCH Thüringer Wald" took place since its premiere seven years ago.

Touch, be there and experience! We participated!

Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH also opened its doors and invited to an exciting programme with an exclusive look behind the scenes. Pupils, students and interested citizens discovered our glass plant in compliance with the rules of distance and participants limits as well as mouth and nose protection. The public showed great interest to be present in our glass plant despite all special conditions and at 4 p.m. on time, we welcomed the first visitors, among them also the mayor of the city of Lauscha, Mr. Norbert Zitzmann, representatives of the Landratsamt Sonneberg, representatives of the SBBS Sonneberg and Dr. Petra Kukuk, responsible for education and training at the IHK Südthüringen. In guided plant tours the visitors were given all information about the work and training possibilities at Wiegand-Glas. 

We were very pleased that we may win several internships thanks to INDUSTRIE INTOUCH and thus possibly potential new employees for Wiegand-Glas.