Consumers see glass as the preferred packaging material

51% of European consumers buy more glass packaging today than they did 3 years ago (Packaging & Recycling Study by InSite Consulting).

The importance of glass as a packaging material continues to grow, especially for the food and beverage industry. According to a study of InSite Consulting, 91% of the European consumers recommend glass as the better packaging material.

New hallmark symbolises the positive properties of glass

The European Container Glass Federation’s FEVE new hallmark for glass packaging symbolises the glass packaging’s four essential and very positive characteristics that are getting increasingly important to consumers. Glass is an endlessly recyclable material which can be reused, in an endless loop, without loss of quality thus saving resources and our environment. Due to its inherent properties, glass prevents the interaction between the contents and its packaging thus preserving nutrients and vitamins as well as the health of the people who use it. The Glass Hallmark is designed to remind consumers of these qualities.

The Glass Hallmark can be licensed free of charge by food producers and bottling companies and used as a branding in order to meet the consumer‘s growing awareness of sustainability and to draw attention to the quality of glass as a packaging material.

Wiegand-Glas itself launched the Eco2Bottle brand in summer 2020 in order to highlight the fundamental benefits of the glass packaging, but above all to further reduce its ecological footprint. Together with our customers and suppliers, we want to actively contribute to the further reduction of CO2 emissions in Eco2Bottle projects by thinking beyond the edge of the bottle and offering beverage and food consumers a particularly sustainable packaging. To provide consumers with clear orientation on the shelf and to signal at one glance that they are looking at an ecologically optimised product, we and our customers use the common Eco2Bottle brand.