Long live glass!

There is a reason to celebrate and get people excited about glass as a material in 2022. The year is to celebrate the essential role that glass has and will continue to have in society. Regional committees have been formed around the world to highlight the scientific, economic and cultural importance of glass as a material in their country and to celebrate several anniversaries.

The UN has declared 2022 the International Year of Glass (IYOG).

Under the umbrella of the IYOG, people around glass are to be brought together, exchange ideas and inform themselves about glass in all its diversity. On the campaign website, people interested in glass will find all the information they need about IYOG2022 as well as interesting facts about the fascinating material and its numerous applications. At the centre of the activities in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein is the "Places of Glass" campaign. Companies, glass museums, but also individuals whose place has a special connection to glass or who are planning an action on the topic of glass can participate. Once a month, a "Place of Glass" will be awarded and reported on the website and on the Instagram channel , which was created especially for this purpose. 

We also want to participate – get to know more about this soon.