New closures for non-returnable PET bottles

A new EU directive stipulates that the caps remain attached to non-returnable PET containers with a volume of up to three litres. This innovation is intended to prevent waste caused by loose closures. This directive shall be implemented before July 2024.

Together with our customer, one of the largest beverage producers in the world, we have already started to change to the new closures on our non-refillable PET bottles.

The cap remains in the recycling loop

Due to the long changeover phase, for a while both non-returnable PET bottles with the previous type of closure and with the new closures will be found on the market. As before, the non-returnable PET bottles with this new closures, including the caps, can be handed in via reverse vending machines throughout Germany. Thanks to the deposit system the valuable material can be collected and recycled.