We are happy to welcome our new trainees

"On the first day, all new trainees take part in an introductory event. This year, this event is finally taking place again together with all other sites and responsible persons at our headquarters in Steinbach am Wald," explains Johanna Raab, training supervisor at the plant in Steinbach am Wald.

We have arranged an exciting and varied programme of events. First, our head of human resources Ingbert Löffler welcomed our future professionals. The next activity was a company presentation by our authorised signatory Lukas Neubauer and some anecdotes about his career. After a photo shoot, everyone had the opportunity to take a guided tour through the site to get a first impression of the plant in Steinbach. After a snack in the canteen, everyone set off for the Haus am Knock in Teuschnitz.

Building the future together

"There is a lot going on here", explains Cornelia Ehrsam, human resources representative at Großbreitenbach, "we have organised interactive activities, team building and a lot of joint events".

We provide apprenticeships in a wide range of professions and offer our junior staff the chance of a successful professional future. This includes not only providing apprenticeships every year, but also offering permanent employment afterwards. That is our aim!

We wish the youngsters a good start and an exciting and educational time!