Glaswerk Ernstthal and Wiegand-Glas: Merge of two production companies

Glaswerk Ernstthal has been part of the Wiegand-Glas group for five years now. Up to now, the corporate structures have not been changed. The Wiegand-Glas group is interested in streamlining its group structure.

Different name.
Different logo.

After the successful merger of the two sales organisations on 31 January 2021, the two production companies will be merged on 29 March 2021. For this purpose, Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH will be merged with its parent company, Wiegand-Glashüttenwerke GmbH. In addition to its plants in Steinbach am Wald, Großbreitenbach and Schleusingen, Wiegand-Glashüttenwerke GmbH will also have a production plant in Ernstthal / Lauscha. Thus, the whole business unit glass will act on the market under the "Wiegand-Glas" brand in the future.

Service, quality and contacts remain unchanged!

This means that our logo and name will change. Contact persons, service and quality will remain unchanged.