About PET

PET – one material, many advantages.

PET has a multitude of positive properties. Its transparency, the breakage resistance and low weight in particular make PET an attractive material. PET bottles and PET containers offer end customers a high degree of convenience and safety. PET offers plenty of scope for design when it comes to packaging your product. The versatile material allows for an infinite range of colours and shapes. It is also ideally suited for food packaging. Our employees develop and manufacture individual packaging concepts made of PET for you. Special barrier solutions, UV protection and other requirements regarding the properties of PET bottles are also no problem. Together with our customers, we select the right PET grades, additives, colours and technologies to find the perfect packaging solution for them. The use of the latest production technologies and connected manufacturing ensure complete traceability of our products and enable continuous process improvement.

The advantages of PET
  • Excellent suitability for food
  • Free in design
  • Low weight
  • High transparency
  • Breakage resistance
  • Efficient use of space in logistics
  • Excellent recyclability
  • Conservation of resources through recyclates
  • Low CO2 consumption

Innovation through modern technology

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As a result of our general sense of responsibility, we have always been prepared to invest above average in climate and environmental protection measures.

  • PET recycling:  We use state-of-the-art recycling technology to produce our own high-purity PET regranulate, which we process back into new preforms and containers. Our focus: 100% recycling, reduction of CO2 emissions and saving valuable resources and energy – for us and our environment.
  • Waste heat recovery: We use the waste heat from the neighbouring glass factory to generate the cold temperatures that we need to cool our tools and machines. In addition, we use the waste heat from the compressor systems to heat our administration building, thus making a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. 
  • "Zero granulate loss": We have joined this initiative and are committed to ensuring that the loss of plastic granulate to the environment, however minimal, is never accepted as unavoidable. We create the technical and organisational conditions to prevent granulate spills and ensure that spilled granulate does not end up in the environment.
  • Circular Plastics Alliance: Precisely because the recycling of PET bottles in Germany is already achieving very high rates of up to 97%, we are sure that positive suggestions from here can be applied to other plastics and in other countries. With this attitude, we have joined this alliance at EU level and would like to contribute our experience in the areas of design-for-recycling, collection and sorting, and processing recyclates. 
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By using modern monitoring and control systems, we are on the way to achieving a closed-loop system.

  • Modern monitoring: An MDE system enables us to record and monitor all machine and plant data. This gives us an overview of the control of processes and enables us to control and improve all quality-relevant parameters of our products starting right in the production phase.
  • Networked ERP system: We link the commercial and technical world by collecting all information in our ERP system.
  • Full quality control: We closely monitor the quality of our products with state-of-the-art testing systems.
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We don't rest on our laurels, continuously invest in our tool and machine park and are also happy to break new ground while doing so. 

  • Multi-layer technology: If the existing barrier properties of PET are not sufficient, we can offer a solution by adding a special middle layer that is tailored to customer requirements. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide our customers with expert advice and together we can find the best barrier solution for each situation. 
  • Individual solutions:  We see specialities and niche markets as a challenge. The continuous development of our plant technology enables us to manufacture exceptional preforms and containers. On a specially designed production line we are able to produce containers with a capacity of up to 30 l and complete them in such a way that a fully assembled and decorated keg leaves our factory at the end. 
  • Automated logistics: Our autonomously moving and freely programmable transport system ensures smooth, forklift-free traffic in our factory and warehouse and ensures the safety of our employees. 
The life cycle of the PET bottle

The PET cycle

From old, empty PET containers, new PET bottles or other products made from recycled material are produced again through the closed PET cycle.


Consume and return: End consumers return the PET packaging to the recycling system after purchasing and consuming the products.


PET recycling: The disposable PET bottles are pressed into bales, sorted and then sent for recycling.

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PET flakes and PET regranulate: The PET bottles are shredded, cleaned, sorted, processed and then returned to the production cycle as PET flakes or PET regranulate. In addition, textile fibres can also be produced from recycled PET.

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PET – polyethylene terephthalate: In the production of the raw material PET, various refining processes take place which improve its physical properties, such as the strength of the material. Depending on the area of application, up to 100% regranulate can be used for the production of PET products.

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PET preform: The PET granulate melts at a temperature of about 270 degrees Celsius. In the liquid state it can be moulded into any desired shape. For beverage packaging we first produce the preform – a blank in which only the thread gets its final shape.

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Bottle production and filling: In a stretch blow moulding machine, the preforms are blown into bottles at about 100 degrees Celsius. This is usually done directly before our customers' filling lines. But we also produce ready-blown PET bottles.

Questions and worth knowing

All about PET

The average consumer probably does not know the story behind polyethylene terephthalate. PET originated in the textile industry as an alternative to textile fibres such as Japanese silk or nylon. And even today, clothes and textiles are still made from PET. PET is a polyester. Functional sportswear made of PET, for example, is particularly tear resistant, breathable and water repellent.

PET bottles came onto the market in the early 1970s. In the USA, mainly producers of non-alcoholic beverages took a liking for PET. The advantageous properties of PET bottles spread quickly: breakage resistance, low weight and excellent suitability for food. In the early 1990s, the PET bottle was also introduced in Germany. Since then, PET has not only established itself as a packaging material, the plastic has also been continuously improved in terms of energy consumption during production and environmental properties.

This is nothing more than a myth, but one which is nevertheless widespread. No phthalates or other plasticisers are used in the production of PET bottles. It's simply not necessary. The use of plasticisers would have a rather negative effect on the bottles, as they would lose their stability.

Again, this is only a rumour. Bisphenol A (short: BPA) belongs to a group of substances that are said to have a hormone-like effect. BPA is found in other plastics but is not used in the production of PET bottles. The consumption of food from PET packaging is therefore completely harmless. Even baby food is packed in PET.

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Whether you need PET bottles, preforms or plastic containers – we develop and produce plastic packaging according to your requirements. Discover our versatile PET products through our catalogue or contact us.

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We offer numerous services relating to PET. Benefit from our know-how in choosing materials, product development and quality inspection.

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Recycling PET

Conservation of resources is a particular concern for us. For our PET bottles, preforms and large containers, we use recycled materials that we obtain from flakes in our own processing plant.