We take responsibility for environmental protection at our glass plants in the Franconian and Thuringian Forest. Therefore we pay the same attention to clean air, a clean landscape and clean water as well as to the quality of our products. We are aware of our ecologic, economic, social and regional responsibility and for us sustainability is a very important part of our business policy.

The currently valid certificates for our integrated management system can be found in our download area.

Environment and Energy Policy

Being aware of its social responsibility towards employees and the people of the home region Wiegand-Glas complies with the following environmental and energy principles when conducting its business:

  1. Environmental and climate protection are equal goals for our company policy:

The protection of the environment and economic laws are of equal importance for us while being aware of our social responsibility at the same time. For us, environmental and climate protection are important management functions and we therefore take them into consideration for all business decisions.

  1. Legal comliance is the basis for our economic activities:

The compliance to all environmental and energy regulations is a matter of course for us. The legal compliance of our plants is being controlled internally and externally on a regular basis and is seen as a prerequisite for all strategic decisions and changes. A trustful cooperation with the competent authorities is very important for us.

  1. We are using environmentally-friendly, energy and ressource efficient techniques:

When developing, renewing and operating our plants and processes and when developing new products, we are paying attention to an efficient use of energy and raw materials as well as to minimizing environmental impacts. Product discard ought to be avoided; not avoidable discard has to be returned directly into the production process and completely recycled into new products.

  1. We are responsible for our products:

Having sold a product our responsibility doesn’t end. Glass is one of the rare materials that can be recycled to 100%. By operating our own waste glass treatment plants and the constant efforts to increase recovered glass ratios we are closing the loop and contribute to climate protection and resource efficiency.

  1. We contribute to climate protection:

Climate protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions have been accepted as important duties for the society as a whole. Being an energy intensive sector, the glass industry is bearing a special responsibility in society’s effort for protecting the climate. We are committed to this responsibility and we are faced with the associated challenges. Although we have already taken important steps for reducing CO2 emissions long before EU emission trading was established, it is in our responsibility to continue contributing to this important task for the future.

  1. We further develop environmental protection together with our customers and suppliers:

We conclude agreements with our contracting parties (customers and suppliers) in order to establish a closed system for the improvement of environmental protection. For our purchasing department environmental friendliness and energy efficiency play an important role. Contracting partners working on our premises should comply with the self-imposed environmental standards as well.

  1. We are working for the continuous improvement of our performance:

By internal and external audits, site inspections and regular measurements, checkups and monitoring we identify nonconformities and weak points and look for improvement opportunities. By appropriate corrections we make sure that our environmental management system and the energy efficiency are improved continuously.

  1. We search for new possibilities:

By our active participation in industrial associations and national and international research networks we make an important contribution to the knowledge transfer from science to industry. We explore new strategies and thereby always work as pioneers for new technological solutions for the whole glass industry.

  1. We give information in all openness: We are open for an objective dialogue in all questions regarding environmental and climate protection or energy efficiency with authorities, customers and the interested public. Comprehensive and meaningful information is seen as our duty towards an environmentally aware public.
  1. Everybody is responsible for environmental protection:

And not least, the management of Wiegand-Glas is showing the importance of environmental protection by establishing a staff unit Environment & Energy at the corporate centre. Furthermore the environmental awareness of our employees is strengthened by regular information and trainings. The protection of the environment and an efficient use of energy depend on the commitment of every single employee.


Staff unit Environment and Energy

Responsibility for our environment is up to the top management!

Therefore the company group established a staff unit Environment & Energy in 2010, which is directly under the responsibility of the Managing Directors. The environmental engineer is responsible for the overall performance of Wiegand-Glas in all environmental and energy aspects at cross-plant and intermedia level.

He prepares the permit procedures and ensures the implementation in conformity with the law. He is the contact person for authorities, customers, employees and all interested parties. He contributes to the long-term developments of environmental policy and legislation on local, national and European level.

Having a strategic view into the future the staff unit reflects the willingness of Wiegand-Glas to take responsibility for future generations.