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Oliver Wiegand, our managing director talks in an interview about what distinguishes our company. Curious to find out more? Watch the movie...


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Manufacturing Process of Container Glass

Glass is not only an historic packaging material. Glass is one of the few materials which can be fully recycled thus contributing considerably to the environmental protection. Glass is almost only made of natural raw materials which appear to a large part in Germany. Hence Wiegand-Glas mainly produces in the home country and relies on quality made in Germany.

As a medium-sized and family-owned company we do not only look back on a long and successful tradition but primarily into the future. Among the company’s key goals is to act ecologically and sustainably. The management is relying on tradition and most-modern technology at the same time. This way, Wiegand-Glas combines tradition and future - for the benefit of our customers and to protect our environment.

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Trainee movie

Complete our team - Benefit from the apprenticeship - Get an expert

We offer challenging apprenticeships in all our facilities.

Our trainees have been among the best for years now and are the good skilled workers, foremen, technicians, engineers, businessmen, professionals and business managers of tomorrow. We are proud to offer an apprenticeship with prospects to 70 young people on average.

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